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A member of the Game Police that keeps surveillance in the Deca-dence and disposes or retrieves a bug when it is found. His priority is to strictly follow orders from the System and is feared by the cyborgs. His motto is ”There is no place for bugs in this world." Hugin is the main antagonist of the story.


Seven Years Ago[]

He discovers that Mikey removed his limiter and scraps him. He decides to disband the Top Ranker team and as Donatello and Turkey don't abide by the system, they get sent to the correction facility. He forces Kaburagi to work for them and makes him an armor repairer and at night a recovery agent, who has to discover bugs and obtain the chips from people who would have caused problems to the system.


As a Ranker, he is a man with purple skin with short gray hair. He wears a white and gray coat and a big pointy sun glasses.


Skills and Abilities[]


  • Hugin is named after Odin's ravens, including Munin. Hugin and Munin are a pair of ravens of Odin in Norse mythology. [1] Hugin means "thoughts".
  • Hugin is the only cyborg who can understand what Munin is saying by telepathically communicate with her.