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Jill is a supporting character in Deca-Dence.

She was one of the creators and designers of Deca-dence.


Jill used to be one of the creators and designers of Deca-dence, but for reasons that are not mentioned, the System classified her to be a Bug. She was sent to the Bug Correctional Facility.


In human form, Jill has light mint-blue hair, pink-tinted skin and light blue eyes. She wears the typical uniform of the staff of Deca-dence.


Jill is cool, highly intelligent, and well-informed. She likes to keep things neat and clean, and is bossy and to the point when speaking. She has a good sense of self, refusing to take nonsense from anyone.

Even though she is sometimes annoyed by other cyborgs in the Facility, she still cares about them, and quickly begins to care about the Tankers after meeting Natsume.

Skills and Abilities[]

As a former developer of Deca-dence, Jill is a brilliant engineer. She’s skilled at hacking into the system, tweaking the mechanics of cyborgs, and logging into Deca-dence even while trapped in the Bug Correctional Facility.



Jill seems to be friends with Donatello, as she is the only one who was able to joke with Donatello or threaten him to do work.


She is very interested in Kaburagi's motives, and also is aware of what he did before he was sent to the Bug Correction Facility.