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Kaburagi is one of the main protagonists in Deca-Dence.

Note: This page contains spoilers.

A veteran armor repairer, he is blunt, surly, and kindhearted. He was once a great warrior, but years of punishment from the Power have broken his spirit and he spends his days apathetically. However, his state of mind starts to change through his encounter with Natsume, who never gives up on her dreams.


Seven Years Ago[]

While going on a mission with Turkey, Donatello and Mikey, Mikey asks Donatello about limiter releasing. Donatello doesn't want to talk about it, however Turkey explains that it removes the limit of the avatar. This leads to a boost of physical strength, but any damage sustained in battle becomes real and does not just affect the avatar. Mikey asks Kaburagi if he's tried a limiter release, but Kaburagi denies it.

Mikey starts climbing the ranks. As he nears the top, his progress begins to plateau. Frustrated, he goes to Kaburagi asking for advice. Kaburagi does know about limiter releasing, but denied it to protect Mikey. However, after Mikey says he's afraid of being useless and replaced, Kaburagi gives in and tells him the secret. He warns Mikey to not go beyond 20% as that way he can still survive a hit.

On the following mission, Mikey removes his limiter. He gets caught for cheating and gets scrapped, to Kaburagi's horror. The Top Ranking team gets disbanded with Donatello and Turkey sent to the correction facility. Kaburagi is forced to work as armor repairer by day, and a recovery agent by night. He must discover bugs (Tankers who might discover the truth of the system and rebel) and recover their chips, effectively killing them.


Human Avatar

Kaburagi is a middle aged man sporting greying black hair, which he slicks back, and facial hair on his chin. He wears a tucked-in wide necked short-sleeved shirt (with the sleeves tucked up and buttoned) with two buttons on the front. He wears olive wide pants and are tucked into brown boots. He has a black belt tied and a leather bracelet on his wrist.

Cyborg Form

In his cyborg form, Kaburagi is very short and cylindrical. He has a rectangular faceplate, and a brown and mint-green color scheme. He wears a red jet pack on his back. He also has brown spikes coming off his head, giving the appearance of spikey hair.


Kaburagi is quiet and cold when you first meet him, but is very kind-hearted and caring underneath. He is impulsive and does not often make plans, preferring to jump right into the action. He has a strong moral compass, and often makes the right choice guided by a gut feeling.

Kaburagi is very protective of Natsume, and eventually of all the Tankers, and is determined to fight for them no matter the cost.

Skills and Abilities[]

He is agile and well trained.

He can make a prosthetic arm with a built-in harpoon launcher

He can fly using his jetpack.

With the assistance of Jill, he can log-in as Deca-Dence as his avatar.


Kurenai seems to be in love with him, but this is one-sided. Kaburagi respects her as a strong warrior, and was likely a mentor to her in the past.

Kaburagi is Minato's good friend, and has been since his top rank days. It is thanks to Minato that he avoided being scrapped. Despite their opposing views on the Tankers and the System, they eventually pull through and work together. In episode 11, Kaburagi asks Minato to fight with him to the end, and Minato agrees.

Kaburagi is also friends with Natsume and wants to change the world so she will have a better life. Despite Natsume's naïve and reckless nature, or perhaps because of it, she inspires him and he wants to protect her.



He is the first ever cyborg that has been resurrected.

Kaburagi adopted a baby Gadoll, which Natsume later named Pipe.

He is the first ever cyborg to login with Deca-Dence as an avatar.

In his ranker days, the highest rank he ever reached was 5th.