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Minato is one of the protagonists in Deca-Dence.

Note: This page contains spoilers.

Minato is the Commander in Chief of Deca-dence. Calm and composed, cerebral, he is irreplaceable in the fight against the Gadoll. He leads a variety of missions, from game-plan design to emergency decision making.

He has known Kaburagi for a long time, and still worries about him long after Kaburagi's retirement from the battle field.


Minato likely started out as a Ranker alongside Kaburagi. While Kaburagi stayed fighting in the field, Minato worked his way up the internal ranks to Commander of the Deca-Dence fortress.

He led the Deca-dence into defeating Giland Gadoll.


Human Avatar

Minato has short purple hair with highlights. He has green eyes. He wears a gray and blue Commander uniform, with the System's symbol on the back. Also, he wears a ring on the middle finger of both hands.

Cyborg Form

In his cyborg form, Minato is sleek and mid-sized. His color scheme is primarily white and purple, with blue circuitry. His legs and arms are not directly attached to his body. He has two antennae-like features that stick up from the sides of his head.


Minato is intelligent and level-headed, which makes him a great leader in battle. He's usually reserved and serious around others, but is more open and lighthearted with his close friend, Kaburagi. They have known each other for a long time.

Minato has a strong sense of loyalty, both to the System, and to his friend Kaburagi. This is a problem, as Minato often finds himself going against the System to protect Kaburagi; pulling strings to save him from being scrapped, saving his avatar from termination, and even becoming a bug to help him.

Initially, Minato's faith and confidence is deeply rooted in the System. However, as the series progresses, he begins to question the System's authority, validity, and his own identity.

Skills and Abilities[]

Master Planner

Minato is strategic and likes to have backup plans. This is shown in his actions as Deca-Dence Commander, his ability to save Kaburagi from being scrapped, and his leadership of the new Deca-Dence after the series ends.


Minato deeply cares for Kaburagi, going as far as becoming a bug to help him. The voice actor stated in interviews that Minato is "sort of like Kaburagi's wife"; however, this may be just banter.

In episode 11, Minato suggests he and Kaburagi run away but is turned down because Kaburagi still wants to take down the system. He is surprised and delighted that Kaburagi still wants to fight alongside him, and agrees; even if it is in a different way than before.



In his Cyborg Appearance, Minato's shape and color scheme are reminiscent of a PS5 console and controller.