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Natsume is one of the main protagonists in Deca-Dence.

Note: This page contains spoilers.

She lost her father and her right arm after a Gadoll attack when she was a child. She dreams of joining the The Power and fighting the Gadoll as a warrior. However, the powers that be doubt her abilities, and she ends up working under Kaburagi as a sanitation worker and armor repairer.


Natsume sneaks into her father's car and joins him while his group goes out to explore the world. A Gadoll attacks them, and the group is unable to escape to safety in time. In the attack, Natsume loses her arm and nearly her life, but is revived in time. Her father does lose his life.

Years later, when Natsume is old enough to get assigned a job, she wants to join The Power and fight. However, she doesn't receive approval and is instead assigned as an armor repairer. She meets her new boss Kaburagi, who explains that in her first five years she will be just cleaning Gadoll remains from Deca-dence.


Natsume is a young girl with short ginger hair and blue eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a short-sleeved white shirt, green pants with a yellow belt, and brown open toed sandals. She has a prosthetic right arm, since she lost her real arm as a child.


She is cheerful, energetic, determined, and reckless. She likes to look on the bright side, and never gives up on her dreams.

Skills and Abilities[]

Inspired by her father, Natsume wants to become a soldier and achieve peace by eliminating all Gadoll. After meeting Kaburagi and seeing him in action, she manages to convince him to train her. To his surprise, she is a quick learner for a Tanker and manages to learn how to fight even faster than some Gears.

As she misses her right arm, Kaburagi makes her a new arm that can transform into a weapon able to shoot needles.


She is friends with Kaburagi. In the first episode, she looked up to him as her Boss and little else. Throughout the series, he becomes her mentor figure and close friend. In episode 10, Natsume states she can’t live in a world without him and that he shouldn’t leave.

She is friends with Fei. They have very different views on what they should be doing for the benefit of the Tankers, and this places a strain on their relationship, but it works out in the end.

Kurenai is Natsume's mentor figure and role model.



Along with Minato, Natsume is the only bug that isn't sent to the correctional facility.

Natsume likes milk.

She only says Kaburagi's name about three times in the series.